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What is the meaning of KVM?

KVM is the abbreviation for Keyboard-Video-Mouse and is used in combination with KVM switch or KVM console / KVM drawer for example.

What is a KVM switch?

With a KVM switch the user is able to control several PC`s with one keyboard, one monitor and one mouse. The KVM switch is used to change between the connected devices. Depending on the KVM model the user can also get audio signals and/or work with connected USB devices. In the past last years the models with KVM-over-IP became very popular, because the user is able to operate with worldwide network access by the IP interface.

What is a KVM console / a KVM drawer?

With a KVM console / a KVM drawer the user is able to connect and work with different PC`s or servers (KVM – Keyboard-Video-Mouse) from one central terminal. In the practice the KVM console has an integrated KVM switch or is combined with a so called „standalone“ or desktop KVM switch which is needed to switch between the connected devices. KVM consoles with an integrated KVM switch are also available with an integrated IP-interface, which also allows the users worldwide access to the network. The KVM console is also known as TFT LCD console, as rack console or Admin Desk.